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Trip to Palo Alto and vicinity. Part I. Stanford campus

Some time ago I had a chance to visit California (first time in US) and stayed at Palo Alto. Palo Alto and the neighboring area (from San Francisco to San Jose), also known as Silicon Valley, is famous for having the headquarters of well-known … Continue reading

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Trip to the Aral Sea and around. Part II

In the first part of this post, I put the pictures I shot during my trip to the Aral Sea until the point where we reached the current sea water boundaries in the south-west part. In that post, you were able to see the landscape of the way until Muynak, and some sights in Muynak itself: some shots from the museum dedicated to fishing industry and so-called “cemetery of ships”. Also, you could see the varying landscape of former seabed of Aral and a few shots of the sea waters. In this post, I will continue from the point where I left in the previous one. Particularly, this post will include more shots of the sea water and the landscape around, the amazing canyon-like structures at the edge of Ustyurt plateau, the ancient burials of nomadic people, and the area around Sudochye Lake. Continue reading

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Trip to the Aral Sea and around. Part I

Before taking my vacations and going home, I was thinking to allocate time to the Aral Sea trip during my vacations. Even though I was born and grew up in the region where most part of the Aral Sea is located, I never had a chance to see the Aral Sea. While my parents did have a chance to see the Aral and go there for recreational activities when it was full several decades before, there was not much reason to do so when I grew up as much part of the water had gone far away from its original coastline. The interest for visiting the Aral Sea especially increased after reading a book titled Disaster By Design: The Aral Sea and its Lessons for Sustainability. And a few days after I arrived to Nukus I could find the person who organizes such trips thanks to my friend who gave me contact points. “Jipek Joli” hotel turned out to be organizing such trips on regular basis as most of its residents are foreign tourists who are interested in the Aral Sea.

This post contains lots of pictures I took during my trip to the Aral Sea with the descriptions for some of them. Continue reading

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Hello internet world!

Hi Friends! Welcome to my first personal blog! At last I have made decision to start my blog. For the past couple of years, I always wanted to have a personal blog, where I will be writing anything interesting happening … Continue reading

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