I was born as Aziz Murtazaev and originated from Karakalpakstan which is located in north-east part of Uzbekistan.

I spent 17 years of my life in Karakalpakstan, 6 years in capital city of Uzbekistan and now for the two and half years I have been living in the Republic of Korea.

I came here to Korea mainly to study computing from academic perspective. And after pursuing the degree, I decided to get some working experience here and now I’m starting my career at Samsung Electronics as an assistant software engineer.

I thought that I will be an economist, but it turned out that software development was more enjoyable and attractive activity for me.

I like learning new technologies, and I think that technologies can make our life better, provided that you can utilize them well.

I’m to some extent optimist and to some extent realist, but usually more optimist than realist. 🙂

My friends say I’m a serious guy, but I can be non-serious/funny sometimes. 🙂

I like thinking that when you have motivation and clear goal, nothing can stop you in achieving it.

17 Responses to About

  1. Sonya says:

    You are serious guy Aziz 🙂 I have never seen your funny/non-serious part.

    Well, we do not know each other for a long time, however this is strictly my opinion (per se). 🙂

    Anyway, nice that you have started to share with your friends, closed book started to opening up 🙂 Hope to read more interesting stories in your blog.

  2. muraziz says:

    haha, yeah, that is the point, that we don’t know each other for a long time. People change as time pass, you know? 🙂
    Nice to see you here, thanks for visiting 🙂

  3. Sonya says:

    They do change, I agree. Especially in a foreign land, far from home, sometimes it is hard to be yourself 🙂

    I will visit, put some interesting topics, but please inform them on FB so we will be updated.. (hope I am not asking too much).

    Good luck Aziz 🙂

  4. muraziz says:

    Thank you Sonya! Good luck to you too! 😉

  5. Sharofiddin says:

    you are wise guy.

  6. Nurilla says:

    Сиз хаккында “youtube” де видео интервиюды корип хабар таптым! Мине сиз Каракалпак жасларынын улкен натийжелерге ерисе алыуын корсете алдыныз мен буннан кууаншлыман! Мен веб сайтлар жаратыу менен шугылланаман бирак бул менин хазирде тийкаргы жумысыма айланбай тур, тек хобби болып тур. тек сайт пенен шугылланыуга бос уакыт жок! Рахмет сизге

  7. Test says:

    Sayt nege wordpresste

  8. Nurbek says:

    Assalomu aleykum Aziz aka

  9. Rustam says:

    Ohh You are best Mr.Aziz! So I am going to follow your steps!

  10. Azam jon says:

    Ассалом алайком! хурматли ватандош сизни улкан марра ва орзуларингизга еришганингиз б-н чик калбим б-н табриклиман. Сиздаги гайратни кориб биз Узбек йошлари янада илхомланиб укишга болган шижоатимиз ошди. Оилангиз ва колаверса Ватанингиз бахтига сог болинг. Сизга омад тилаб янада баланд марраларни забт етишингизга ишонамиз!

  11. Farrukh says:

    Hellooo Mr Aziz.
    I actually found your blog by accident but the thing that you are doing now seems so much spectacular for so many of young amateurs who are studying hard to pursue their dreams. As far as I know, you started your path in software development with a minor course in Tashkent while going for a undergraduate degree but you finally ended up working for Facebook, which is truly amazing. But here in you are blog, you are not very active and from the name of many youth, please share your experience here as much as possible. Especially about working at Facebook, (I do not mean projects but about the programming languages you use frequently and your suggestions and recommendations on what to concentrate deeply while at Undergraduate School to get hired by those companies like Facebook and Google) and that would be extremely helpful and appreciated. I also attend university in Seoul, undergraduate and you are actually one of those whom I talk mostly to those Korean course mates of mine.

    Wishing you luck and success, Farrukh!!


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